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  • GS machinery 2013: Leading the injection molding machine into precious age

    Under the shadow of the world-wide finance contraction, the "China International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber of Injection Molding Industry" (CIM) were held in the New Area, Shanghai International Convention and Exhibition Centre,Shanghai,Mar. 2013. More than 300 famous enterprises showed their best and latest products with the hope of searching some new orders in the forthcoming economic Spring.

    However, no one would have thought that this seemingly ordinary event has inadvertently opened a new chapter in China's IMM industry.

    "GS machinery will lead the injection molding machine industry into precious age!" after visiting the exhibition, many experts of the industry send such a feeling.

    The general headquarters of GS machinery located in China business center--Shanghai city, with the area more than 158,000 square meters in Songjiang Sci. & Tech. Park. 

    In 2013, GS Machinery moved into the new investment of more than 80 millions for the new workshops. They appears in front of peers and customers at home and abroad with the "new plant, new equipment, new products, new ideas" and "four news" image, they successfully launched the new products of energy saving series, with it’s growth aim of annual sales reach up to 30% against the year of 2012.