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  • GS TWO-PLATEN IMM launched on OCT. 28, 2013

    GS Machinery, a China based plastic injection molding machine manufacturer, has just successfully launched its new developed Two-Platen machine GS1608.

        On Oct. 28th, 2013, GS two-platen injection machine GS1608, which has researched and developed by GS Machinery, a China based manufacturer of plastic injection molding machine since 1991, passed the national inspection successfully in the plant of Shanghai headquarters. The national specialists and local government officers took part in this inspection.

        Because of its high technology, and special requirement of design and manufacture, two-platen injection molding machine, which is always regarded as industry ivory pagoda, is monopolized by seldom European and Japanese manufacturers. In order to break the dominance, GS has started the study of two platen machine since 2007.  Now the two-platen machine GS1608 is launched by GS machinery successfully.
        GS1608 two-platen IMM adopts new technology and concept of green design and manufacture. The two-platen structure can decrease 30% weight of clamping unit and save 20ton steel material accordingly. The clamping cylinders are in the back side of the moving platen, avoiding the sealing problem caused by tie bar. Double-stage injection unit design separates charging and injection function, and is widely applied to different plastics material. Water cooling for seal cylinder of double-stage injection unit can extend seal ring life. Machine servo system saves 30%-70% power compared with traditional machine. The advanced controller of the machine can also meet different kinds of requirements.

          GS surmounted numerous difficulties during GS1608 manufacturing. It’s difficult to make and machining the platen casting. The diameter, length and the weight of the tie bar has set a precedent for machine tie bars’ machining. The high precision of tie bar is also a big challenge. In order to overcome various hurdles, GS and its core suppliers worked closely and improved machining techniques together. In view of complicated machine transportation and installation, GS sent one experienced team to customer’s factory. The team finished machine assembly and test successfully. 

        GS finished the GS1608 machine assembly at Aug. 2013, and succeeded in testing machine operation at Oct. 2013. Now machine is under good production, making manholes in customer plant. The good news attracted other customers’ interests in GS two platen machines.
        Recently household appliances, automotive industry, hi-speed rail contraction, piping industry have been developed rapidly. GS two platen machines succeeded in meeting these increasing market demands.

    (Ms Cao, R&D Centre)