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  • GS gain honorary title of Advanced Staff Home

    On May 28th, 2014, GS was honored with honorary title of Industial-area Advanced Staff Home of the year 2013 to 2014. In recent years, GS carry out Advanced Staff Home in a deep going way with guided by “Science Development”. Establish Advanced Staff Home base on principle of people and putting staff’s interests first. Staffs are the main force to create benefit, external presentation of enterprise image, and final executor of enterprise philosophy. Harmonious development need staff make common effort and their devotion. Company pays high attention to cultural construction for staff, carries out it by means of multiple platforms and channels,  tries best to build harmony enterprise atmosphere for giving staff sense of belonging and making staff into enterprise cultural atmosphere.

    1GS focus on create relax, lively and comfortable working environment for staff.

    Company has been built basketball court, table-tennis room, multi-function hall, and invests capital to build “Staff Home Bar” on the third floor hall with constant temperature, green environment, drink vending machine and magazines in bookshelf, for creating a warm and sweet place to staff after work. Let staff feel warm like home.

    2Enrich staff spare-time cultural life, carry out variety of staff activities.

    GS organized variety of culture and sport activities year by year. There are annual basketball match, Mid-autumn mountaineering, outdoor outward training, Spring Festival artistic performance and so on. Through carry out a series of activities which closing to staff’s spirit cultural demand, cultivate their character, enrich their cultural activities, and reinforce enterprise cohesive force. It fully shows GS persons’ spirit of solidarity and persistent, also shows GS well enterprise culture and atmosphere.

    3Adhere to people-oriented, care for staff demand.

    Company adhere to do cohesion work for solving staff’s difficulties, and let them feel care from leaders and organization deeply. When every year Spring Festival coming, railway traffic is congested, staffs buy tickets to go home difficultly. Company has been adhered to buy tickets for staffs from other provinces for five years, and rent chartered bus for sending provincial staff to go home. Any staff from anywhere can go home peacefully. For the staffs which still hold their position, company leaders have reunion dinner with them together every year, and give out Spring Festival gift bag to them, let them feel family warm. These seems trifles, but let staff get care from Tederic Family.

    4Promote harmony labor relations for developing enterprise cohesion.

    For establishing harmony labor relations, company leaders adhere to tour workshop every day and interview staff dormitory after work. Try best to nip all the problems in the blossom with measures as seize thought source and symptom of a problem trend. GS has handled insecurity and instable factors happened for disputes many times in this year, prevent intensifying conflicts. Then let current staff enjoy their work, departed staff leave company happily. In recent years, company basically without group petition incidents, achieve “Zero labor dispute”. Harmony labor relations also motivate staff’s positive energy; promote enterprise to improve management level further and economic benefit constant growth. Meanwhile, company also promotes staff welfare steadily year by year, staff salary growth with enterprise revenue increasing. Achieve staff salary and enterprise revenue increase in the same place.

    5Emphasis on skill training and education for staff, improve GS staff entirety attainment.

    Training and learning always are GS focus of cultural construction, company has expert training team, planning to carry out all kinds of training, the content include professional knowledge, enterprise management, interpersonal communication and various aspects, involve each level staff. Company improve staff actual operation level continually through carry out job operation trainingnew staff pre-job training and other activities, professional skill training for operation staff and technology staff by stages.

    GS has published newspaper for five years. Through set up “GS” cultural paper, let staff join the management and development of company, create thick dedicated atmosphere.  It attracted Songjiang Evening News’ attention, even had a special column report. Company has owned correspondent of Songjiang Evening News Dagang-edition, also has our own correspondent team.

    Gain honor is motivation, the honorary title recognize our work, encourage our working development in the New Year. We will carry out our obligation more actively, unite and mobilize all the staff mold dream together for GS’s future, create excellent future, and devote ourselves for new development of GS group.