Filling system

Present Location:  Water bottle filling line

  • Name: Filling system
    Category: Water bottle filling line


    Main features:

    • It adopts technology of air conveyor direct connect with bottle infeed starwheel instead of screw and conveyor. It is easier and more simple to change over bottle size.
    • It adopts high precision, high speed and quantitative filling valve, and the liquid level is accurate without liquid loss to ensure excellent filling quality.
    • The capping head adopts constant torque device to ensure the sealing quality.
    • The sorting system is efficient, with perfect cap feeding and protection device.
    • It is simple and convenient to change bottle type. It only needs to replace the bottle star wheel can be realized without adjusting the height of equipment.
    • The filling system adopts neck handling technology to avoid the secondary pollution of the bottle mouth.
    • Control system has the functions of automatic control of the water level, lack of cap detection, self stop of washing bottle and output counting and others.
    • The bottle washing system uses the efficient cleaning spray nozzle produced by American spray company technology, which can be cleaned in every place of the bottle.